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About Caroline Murphy

Hi, I’m Caroline, and I am a big believer in family. I know many families today are not close, and this is a trend that seems to only be worsening over time. When I grew up, I was very close with my family, and their support and advice is what shaped who I am today. I learned as an adult that many others did not have the great family experience that I had growing up, and I saw the often negative impact that not coming from a close-knit family had on their lives.

From my observations of others, I learned that my happiest friends were those who had close ties with family members. I think having close family bonds strengthens a person’s character. I created this website to help others learn how to strengthen their family bonds as adults. I think it is important for everyone to know that even if they were not close with their families when they were children and teenagers, it does not mean that they cannot become close now.

It is especially important today to reach out to extended family, as well. Social networking is making it easier than ever to chat with extended family all over the country and even world. When a family member lives far away, they may be facing struggles you don’t have knowledge of. Just taking the time to send a message to show you care may mean a lot more than you ever thought.