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Fun with Extended Family: Nieces and Grandma

If you have girls in your extended family who you feel like you don’t see often, then it can be a great idea to arrange a one-on-one bonding day when you can both get to know each other more and have fun. Making time for extended family is very important, and this is especially true when you know one of those family members is having a tough time in life or doesn’t have much immediate family they can count on.

Having Fun with Nieces

If you have children of your own, then you can always invite your nieces to come enjoy any fun activity that your family enjoys together. If your niece is older than your children, then you can make her feel extra special and important by having her help you supervise the little ones while the two of you do some much-needed catching up.

If you don’t have children of your own, then think of fun activities to enjoy with your niece that you would enjoy with your own daughter if you had one. Young girls love going out for ice cream, going to amusement and water parks, and just playing fun games indoors. If you have a teenage niece, then ask her what her latest interests are and enjoy one with her. Is she into a specific sport? Ask her to teach you the basics and play a fun game with her. Does she love art? Have her show you her work and teach you a few tips on her technique.

Enjoying Time with Your Grandmother

If you are lucky enough to still have a grandmother you can spend time with, then you should cherish every moment with her that you can. While finding mutually enjoyable activities is the key when getting together with other family members, your grandmother has earned the right to choose what she would like to do during your time together.

If you want to bond with grandma, then give her a call and ask her when she is available. Offer to bring a meal to her home you two can share, then ask her if there is any type of fun card game or other easy activity she would enjoy doing with you. Let her lead and you may be surprised at the fun she has up her sleeve.