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Fun with Your Mom: Ideas for Daughters and Sons

Whether you and your mom are very alike or as different as can be, there are many ways the two of you can have great fun together. Once you find out what you and your mom enjoy doing together, you can look forward to spending time with her participating in a fun activity while sharing fond memories and bonding in a way that only a parent and child can.

Mother-Daughter Bonding

If you are a woman who is looking to spend more time with your mom, then start by thinking of what she enjoys but feels guilty doing for herself. Many mothers spend so much time worrying about their children and families that they don’t take “me” time for themselves. Arrange a spa day or just a mother-daughter manicure if you and your mom both like to be pampered. If you both have trouble squeezing exercise into your busy schedules, then arrange a weekly walk together at her favorite park.

Does your mom love to garden? Plan a day of browsing the local nurseries. Baking together is fun, and it doesn’t only have to be reserved for around the holidays. If none of those ideas sound like something the two of you would enjoy together, then spend time together doing something everyone enjoys – eating. Even people who have few common interests can enjoy a great meal together.

Fun Activities for Mother and Son

Sons often have a more difficult time finding fun things to do with their mothers. This is normal, so don’t feel guilty if this sounds like you. You can always fall back on treating her to a nice lunch or dinner, but that is not the only activity that mothers and sons can enjoy together.

Animal lovers come in all genders, so if you and your mom share a love of furry friends, then you can spend a day together at the local zoo or even volunteering together at a local animal shelter. If your mother is less active for medical reasons, then a good card game may sound like fun to her. Let her teach you her favorite card game, and you may end up having more fun playing cards than you ever expected.