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Fun with Your Sister

Siblings can be so similar they are like two peas in a pod, or so different it may surprise people that they are even related. Either way, it is great to spend time with your sister or sisters, as they are im-portant members of your family that can never be replaced. You shared many experiences growing up, some good and maybe some bad, but both types of experiences gave you and your sisters’ mem-ories and life lessons that shaped who you are today.

Sisterly Bonding

Two or more sisters gathering can be a time for laughs and bonding. Before gathering with sisters, re-member to consider the financial situation of each sister before planning. If one sister is struggling to make ends meet, then be sure to make plans that fit into everyone’s budgets.

If you have a talent for singing that runs in the family, then try a fun night of karaoke. If you all enjoy listening to music more than you enjoy making it, then going to a concert held by a musician you all love can be lots of fun as well. If one or more sisters have children, then this opens the door to a huge variety of fun-filled activities you can participate in with the children, like taking them to fun water-parks, the zoo, and amusement parks.

Brother-Sister Fun

If you are a man who wants to spend more time with your sister, then remember what you both en-joyed doing together when you were growing up. You likely found fun games and activities that you both enjoyed even though you were different genders. While your interests have likely broadened since you were a child, just use those memories to remind you that when you want to have fun, there are activities that both genders can enjoy.

If you and your sister both love the outdoors, then this opens the door for many fun activities. You can go to the beach together, enjoy a day hiking, or hit the slopes in the winter. Indoor fun is also possible with your sister. Hit the local movie theater together to catch the new release that only the two of you seem to have an interest in. Remember those fun board games or card games you loved to play as children? You are never too old to have fun playing a card or board game.